Saturday, 2 April 2016

Pratiques peu scrupuleuses - premier post

OK, here's the placeholder for a new blog to cover my (long term) plans for Sharp Practice 2 by Too Fat Lardies.

Given that many of the belligerents are looking at British peninsular armies, and as I currently live in the former Département des Fôrets, it seems incumbent on me to look at creating a French force.

Spain seems to be the place to head for (to strains of "Eviva España", sans doute) in respect of Sharp Practice, so I pulled up a TOE of the French army in Spain in 1810. Fortuitously I hit upon the 69ème régiment d'infanterie de ligne as part of Ney's VI Corps. What could possibly have more Lardy potential than that? As a bonus, the 15ème régiment de dragons, also attached to Ney's Corps, had pink facings. Truly a match made in double-entendre paradise!

I can just see the good old soixante-neuvièmes going head to ... errr ... head with Richard Fondler, Sir Henry Grabbe-Ghoulies and Fellatio Hornblower. It will be a real nip-and-tuck contest

All I have to do now is work out what figures I should grab. I'll stick to 15/18mm, so I really have to go with Mike Broadbent figures if possible. I see Khurasan also have some French infantry, in addition to Eureka's wide offering, so I'll work through what's there once I've had a look at the rules. I think a healthy dose of voltigeurs and dragoons seems likely, but I may also do a full battalion of the 69ème in a reduced scale just for the hell of it (one 8-figure group per company might make sense).

En avant mes amis - à la prochaine! 

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